Lucretia Agri-Organisation Background:

Lucretia Agri-Organisation (LAGO(U)) is an indigenous, non-governmental organisation established in 2016 by a team of Agricultural professionals in response to challenges of food security and poverty within the farming population of Uganda. LAGO(U) was legally registered in 2017. LAGO(U) was initially started as community farmer help group offering voluntary agricultural advice to subsistence farmers in Mutunda sub-county Kiryandongo district.

LAGO(U) provides Agribusiness advice, Agricultural trainings, Information on new agricultural innovations and technologies/infrastructure to farmers and other actors in the agricultural value chain systems with a drive to equip the stakeholders with the necessary facilities to improve on agricultural productivity, production and market functions with keen attention to commodity quality standards and customer satisfaction for sustainable agricultural value chain and market development.



To improve the social and economic impact of developed agricultural value chains and strengthened market systems on the targeted relevant stakeholders within the region.


To facilitate agricultural value chain actors in improving agricultural production and productivity while creating visibility of farmer concerns through institutional engagement, implementation of relevant agricultural interventions, research, documentation, communication and dissemination of agricultural developments, innovation and information through advocacy, influence and networking.