LAGO-(U) Programs

  1. Nutrition and Food Security
  2. Agricultural commercialization and market Development,
  3. Communication and Advocacy for the different partners in the food chain,
  4. Environmental conservation and land fertility management


Purpose of LAGO-(U) Programs;

The programs are intended to create and improved and sustainable household standard of living for the farming communities. This comprises of all stakeholders involved in agricultural production and the food value chain.


LAGO-(U) will pursue over the next ten years’ period the following objectives; 

Short-Term Objectives

  1. To strengthen Lucretia Agr-Orgainisation capacity for effective achieve its mission and Vision
  2. To increase farmer’s participation in livelihood improvement, influencing policies and agricultural value chain.
  3. To increase access to appropriate quality knowledge and technology for a sustainable household food production and agricultural marketing
  4. To establish unlimited farmer and farm products access to local area, national, regional and international market.
  5. To increase multilevel participation of vulnerable community members in food value chain interventions.

Long-Term Objectives

  1. Build capacity of the farming communities in Uganda to participate in income generating and sustainable agricultural projects.
  2. Support National and Regional agricultural stakeholders and policymakers to develop and implement policies that promote agricultural value chain and market systems development.
  3. Establish strong and reliable partnerships with academic institutions, research institutions, government, regional and international development actors for strong and resourceful support for the realization of LAGO-(U) interventions.
  4. Contribute to providing solutions to cross-cutting environmental issues that pose a big threat to Local, National and Regional household food and income security.
  5. Empower Ugandan farmers to demonstrate professionalism in farming and to manage their production resources and profits.
Village loans and Savings Associations Meeting in Aparacel Mutunda Sub-county